Disability Insurance

August 18, 2021

Disability insurance is an important piece of coverage for your clients. It's often overlooked, though. In this video, we share some quick thoughts on the subject, and give an example of one instance where our team helped put supplementary coverage into place for a high-powered CEO.


"Hi, Tyler Horning here, Principal at TDC Life. Disability insurance is a lost art in our business.

Most insurance folks don't talk about it. They don't talk about it because the underwriting is difficult, the commissions are not as great as some other products that could be sold, and understanding the nuances of the contracts really is an art. 

Older contracts are typically better than new contracts.

Older disability policies often have a lower premium, better policy provisions, or just overall have better contractual guarantees for clients. So we typically don't recommend replacing old disability insurance because it's often better than new insurance. What we find is that many clients need MORE disability insurance, and then we'll just add on to the policies that are already in place. 

We here at TDC Life are well versed in the pitfalls and how to avoid and maximize the opportunity to buy this coverage for our clients. We'd love to visit with you or your clients about their disability insurance needs."



The Situation:

Advisor sought to provide income replacement coverage for a high-powered CEO. Working with an individual whose earnings exceed $1.3 million annually, traditional disability carriers were inadequate due to the client’s high earning and current age.

Our Review:

The client had $17,500/month of coverage through a combination of group and individual domestic disability programs, only representing a 16% income replacement in the event the CEO were to become disabled.

Our Recommendation:

We placed a Lloyd's of London personal high limit disability policy that would deliver an additional monthly benefit of $47,500/month to the executive for a period of 60 months.

The Result:

A policy was delivered to safe-guard a supplementary $2.8 million of after tax earnings for the client, his family, and their financial goals for retirement in the event he were to become disabled.


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This is a specifically designed multi-life disability insurance program providing highly compensated employees the ability to obtain coverage on a voluntary and guaranteed issue basis – in a manner otherwise unavailable.

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